Waterrower: Rowing machines from another planet

You are the biggest competitor of the top dog Concept2 . There is at least one crucial difference between a waterrower and the ranks of ordinary rowing machines with hydraulics or mechanics. We at fitgymcache.com will now show you how it works in more detail. Here is a good introduction for you in case you want to buy a waterrower. But first some history …

WaterRower: The great guide


History: how it all began

In 1988 John Duke built his first rowing ergometer . Unlike the mechanical approaches or hydraulic resistances common at the time, Duke wanted to build a Waterrower rowing machine. But what does it mean?

Its premise was to eradicate the lack of proximity to real rowing that other rowing-simulating ergometers had to complain about. For this he designed a simple and ingenious system with water. He also had a lot of free time: after all, a long time had passed since his last brilliant performance at the 1975 World Rowing Lightweight Championships.

The rowing machine with the water tank

The ash model. Photo by Paul Rollings on Flickr

tand offers if you use more force to suppress it. The same principle applies to a normal oar that is immersed in water. In the middle of the workout, you can increase or decrease the resistance and adjust it exactly according to your feeling. Because even with the Water Rower, a paddle dips into the water and displaces it to the outside of the tank and you benefit from the flexible water resistance .

However, if you want to change the water resistance significantly, you have to use the water pump or drain the water. This can be a bit of a nuisance and you should plan your workouts accordingly.

Fitness furniture instead of rowing machines

There is something spectacular about the way the water swirls around on this type of rowing ergometer. And it also looks good after training, which is particularly important for everyone who cannot or does not want to hide their ergometer in a storage room. Nowadays, fitness equipment is more and more common in living areas, as the space is also becoming less and we therefore speak of fitness furniture .

By the way: The noise is not annoying either, it is more reminiscent of the sound of the waves. Well, that might be a matter of opinion … Hear for yourself:


Waterrower: The different models

Actually there is only one model – because the functionality and structure are the same everywhere. See all models at a glance here .

But the execution is different. The following materials are available and ask the user which rower best suits the interior design or their own taste:


stainless steel

Each piece always looks a little different because it is made from a natural raw material. The models are made of heartwood and treated with Danish oil.

But one model is different: The WaterRower A1 is also made of ash, but it is even cheaper and therefore the low-budget model. It does not have a separate performance monitor, but a slimmed-down version that is integrated in the footrest.

In addition, it cannot be connected to the We-Row software and the “Community Bonus” is not included.




A water pump is always included – after all, the water tank has to be filled first. The PC connection cable for the S4 performance monitor is also included. Extended roller rails are also available for every water rower. If you are taller than 2 meters, we recommend the XL rails.


Chlorine tablets

These are recommended if you want to keep the water in the tank clean. Application is sufficient every one to two months. Certainly also a good maintenance measure, as it also keeps limescale and deposits away. With six pieces per pack, you practically have an annual pack.

We-Row: In a duel with others

De WaterRower GmbH has developed software for those who don’t just want to beat their own time and want to compete with others. With “We-Row” all your performance data are saved and compared online. The program is coordinated with the S4 performance monitor installed almost everywhere (except for the Waterrower A1).

Rowing machine was yesterday

Incidentally, the manufacturer not only offers water rower. The product range has been expanded with the company NOHrD . The so-called TriaTrainer has three functions, serves as an abdominal trainer, back trainer and as a weight bench. The watergrinder trains the arm muscles with water resistance. The Slimbeam and the W-Workx are similar to a multi-gym, although the latter can also be operated with water.

My personal favorite is the Hedgehock ottoman. It’s not only an eye-catcher, it’s also fun!

The Hedgehock stools have built in push-in blocks (Photo: WaterRower GmbH)

So when you’ve bought your Waterrower rowing machine, you’re off to new shores!

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