What Is Rowing Machine?

Do you dream of losing weight or strengthening your muscles by canoeing all summer? Of course it would also be possible, but then when the summer ends, what can we do?

 The solution is called a home rowing machine (or, as Americans like to say for “home fitness”). The home rowing machine is nothing more than a mechanical tool able to fairly faithfully simulate the gestures that are performed on a canoe.

If your dream is to get the body of the Abbagnale brothers of the best times, then continue reading our page and you will find lots of useful information about it. 

The only real difference between a home fitness rowing machine and a canoe is the sensation that is perceived having two extremely different elements under us in terms of consistency, earth or water.

 The rowing machine is not only used by professional athletes who want to continue training even during the winter season, but also by beginners to burn calories or strengthen all the muscles in their body.

 In fact it is a pectoral tool able to make our whole body work, like few other tools in the world. The table below shows the most popular models of the moment and their characteristics.

Dimensions: indicates the size of the buttocks tool in centimeters, very important if you don’t have a lot of space at home
Weight: indicates the weight of the rower in kilograms, very important if you are forced to move it to a room every time to the other
Resealable: indicates whether the home rowing machine can be closed or not (in any way called “space saving”). Great for those with little space in the house Product
prices are accurate as of 11.26.2020, 17:00 and are subject to change.


What is it mainly for?

The first thing I want to remember in this paragraph are the muscles directly affected by constant training carried out on board a common rowing machine.

 First of all, we have the back muscles, the back for example is the part of our body that works the most and from the first row, when you start to row, the legs are collected and then make the opposite movement, this brings with it the back and all his muscles working at the same time.

 We then have the shoulder blades (which are not single women), which open and close when the arms are attached to the oars.

So there are the arm muscles. Again thanks to the work of the oars, the arms perform a movement that trains them effectively. Finally, the legs, especially the quadriceps, which push the rower for a good row. Precisely because it involves so many muscles, the rowing machine is considered a tool suitable for everyone.

To get good results, however, you must also strengthen the abdominal muscles. In fact, contrary to what many people think, during the row these muscles are not affected by the effort. Also, to achieve your goals, you need to start with a slow and gradual workout.

The beginning should not strain the back too much, for example, in order not to obtain the opposite effect. Before purchasing a rowing machine it is good to evaluate the condition of your body and the goals you want to achieve.

 There are many models of home rowing machines available on the market, so it is better to spend a few more minutes choosing, rather than buying a tool that could prove useless in the long run.

 First of all, I would consider the type of resistance this is able to achieve, as well as its length, since it will have to fit in the little space I have in the living room. And if you want to use it every day, better spend a little more, rather than save now, only to have to replace it in a few months because it is broken.


Choose one and workout program

Choosing a rowing machine is not the easiest thing in this world, because there are many models on the market and of many different prices. The first thing to evaluate is the type of goal you want to pursue.

 The training should be chosen based on your physical characteristics and the type of result to be obtained.

 Furthermore, if you are on these pages to choose a rowing machine to be included in your professional gym equipment, the choice to make will have to be much more prudent.

 It is therefore obvious that a beginner finds himself making different choices from those that a professional, who has a different body and needs, will make.

The first thing you will need to evaluate is the use you will want to make of the home rowing machine. If your intention is to train consistently every day, then you need to choose a model of high quality and resistance, with excellent technical characteristics.

 If you are a beginner, however, you can also start with a medium quality tool. A well-built home rowing machine, a computer to calculate the speed, time and duration of training, and at least the number of strokes, to keep track of your progress.

 An average quality rowing machine could last many years, but the fact remains that you could change it after a while if your needs increase.

One piece of advice I would like to give you is to pay attention to the comfort of the structure and above all of the seat. Taking into account that this tool will be used a lot, if you find yourself uncomfortable, you could quickly abandon its use.

 As a last resort, you can also make a small evaluation of the design, since the eye also wants its part. The price of the rowing machine is evaluated based on the quality of the materials with which it is made. 

The home fitness one is obviously cheaper and less solid than a professional gym one, but it is still suitable for the use that must be made of it.


The best rowing machine on the market

As mentioned previously, there are so many rowing machines available on the market, so how should you orient yourself? The answer is very simple and we will repeat it until we are exhausted, the rowing machine, like any home fitness tool, should be chosen according to your needs.

 I have different needs from many other people, so the most suitable model for me may be different than the one best suited to other people. For this reason, the Top 5 that follows reflects my personal needs and does not want to be conditioning in any way, rather you can take it as a small idea.

As you can see, the bib tools present in my ranking have some characteristics in common that I could not give up, such as the fact that they are all folding or in any case so-called Space Saving models.

 Unfortunately at home I do not have much space to devote to abdominal tools from home, indeed to be honest, I would not have any at all, but in any case not being able to give it up I decided that the only model that could do for me, should have this feature .

 For this reason I said that the ranking was not conditioning, but simply to be taken as a starting point for one’s own personal reflection. Based on your needs and your budget, make your own personal ranking, it will help you when making your final choice.


Benefits and affected muscles

Training and consistency are the two main factors for losing weight and staying fit. If for you going to the gym is just a waste of time (which you don’t have) and a waste of money, then the ideal solution is called a home rowing machine.

 There are many models on the market, such as the professional rowing machine or the folding one, and all with different prices. 

The professional rowing machine, compared to all other glute equipment, is the one that trains the most muscles of all: shoulders, arms and legs. In addition, it supports the main organs and stimulates increased circulation. The benefits that a water rowing machine brings are so many.

Some, among other things, are folding or resealable rowers, because we know that not everyone in the house has enough space to equip a gym, they are the so-called Space Saving models.

 It is extremely easy to achieve your goals if you use this product consistently and following the right training plans. The price of this tool varies according to the quality of the structure, although it must be added that today there are many tools for bibs of excellent quality at a good price.

 This allows us to buy a good quality professional rowing machine to train at home directly in front of the TV or listening to our favorite music. Before buying one, however, you need to understand which model is best suited to your characteristics.

The main ones to keep an eye on when, in addition to size and weight, are: the adjustment of the effort on several levels, an on-board computer with display to be able to view the speed, distance and time, an adjustable footrest and seat for the best comfort, a solid drive system and a rather heavy flywheel (ensures your and your tool’s safety).

 Obviously, the relatively higher cost rowers have more advanced technical features, but in this case it’s up to you to assess your level and make a difference between beginner, enthusiast or pro.


Prices and offers

As mentioned earlier, there are many models of rowing machines on the market and all with different prices. The main feature that differentiates the price of a rower from the other is its resistance, the greater capacity in kilograms and the use for which it is suitable.

 This does not detract from the fact that thanks to the lowering of prices, in recent years good rowing machines for the home have become available that have a fairly low cost.

 I want to start with these last rowers which have a cost of around 150 euros. Honestly, I wouldn’t deviate much from this price, not if I want to spend little, but not even if I don’t want to spend too little.

Buying a water rowing machine that is too cheap has its negative aspects, such as an uncomfortable seat that does not allow you to train for a long time and a not very solid structure, which could fail if used intensively.

 In addition, the weight and capacity of the tool must be evaluated. If your weight is 98 kg, for example, I do not recommend buying a professional rowing machine with a capacity of 100 kg, because too much to the limit, much better would be a 110 or even better 120 kg model.

 If we want to go up a little with prices, we can rely on a medium-high price range, which exceeds 300 euros. Here we find home abdominal tools with greater strength, greater reach and better technical characteristics.

If we go up again with the price and we are interested in rowers above 500 euros, then we can consider these semi or professional tools. They are more suitable for athletes, for use in the gym (where they are used for many hours a day, by different people and of different weights), therefore they have an even greater capacity and unparalleled solidity.

 They are also suitable for professionals who want to train at home during the winter season and who need to be ready for some competitive competition during the summer. My last advice is to evaluate the use you want to make of the professional rowing machine, to choose the best one for your needs.



We have come to the end of our long article on the rowing machine, but on our page you will also find lots of other information to deepen the subject in case you are not yet decided in your choice.

 You will therefore find in-depth articles, reviews and much more to help you choose the model that best suits your needs more clearly.

 If you are ready for your choice all you have to do is look at the best offers that you only find online and start preparing your muscles for a hard workout. Good job!

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