What is the CrossFit?

Many people do not know the definition or the real meaning of CrossFit since it is a relatively new sport, which people have begun to know in recent years. Many of them confuse with other modalities or similar sports disciplines based on performing exercise circuits.

But the history of CrossFit begins in 1974. Its founder Greg Glassman created a training system that consists of performing a combination of functional exercises, constantly varied, and performed at high intensity. This training technique was created to exercise the bodies of US police, fire, marines, and military. Its success was so great that the CrossFit Inc. brand was quickly founded, spreading all over the world, creating boxes affiliated with the brand, currently being practiced by all kinds of people, from women, men, older people, children who even have their category “CrossFit Kids” and regardless of their fitness, be they beginners or athletes who come from other disciplines.

The functional training system promoted by CrossFit consists in developing at the same time several disciplines, such as weightlifting, gymnastics, athletics, and endurance, in which different physical skills and abilities are practiced, such as:

  1. Agility
  2. Balance
  3. Flexibility
  4. Force
  5. Power
  6. Precision
  7. Psychomotor skills
  8. Cardiovascular and respiratory resistance
  9. Muscular endurance
  10. Speed

The goal that is sought in the CrossFit is to increase the strength, endurance, muscle tone, and functionality of the muscles to be able to reproduce these movements in real-life situations that require physical exertion.

Daily workouts are referred to as “WOD” (Work Of Day). These Wods within the classes have an approximate duration of about 60 min. being directed by at least one coach or coach and structured as follows:

  • Heating
  • Strength and technical work
  • Intense and varied training that can be structured in several ways, AMRAP, EMOM, For a time, Tabata (you can find the definition of these words in our CrossFit dictionary)

Normally these wods are designed so that everyone can complete them regardless of their fitness. There are two levels, level “RX” is the highest level and level “Scaled,” which is the level scaled or restructured to an easier way for beginners or people with less experience.

CrossFit workouts are not usually done in gyms that we normally see, but gyms are prepared exclusively for this type of training. These gyms are called “BOX.” The BOX is normally located in industrial or local warehouses with a great amplitude where we can perform all kinds of exercises with total freedom. They are usually equipped with materials such as Olympic bars, discs, kettlebells, rings, climbing ropes, jump ropes, etc. The most striking and different part of the rest of gyms is the absence of mirrors and machines, except for the “Air Bikes” bicycles and the oars that are the most common machines they have in the CrossFit boxes.


CrossFit Games


In 2007, CrossFit had already grown so much that it was decided to create the first official CrossFit competition and the largest in the world, the CrossFit Games. It is a multi-day competition where the best athletes in the world compete with each other to win the title “The Fittest on Earth,” the fittest man or woman on the planet.

How was RxFitters born?

Many people ask us why we created a  blog based on the sport of fitness, functional training, and weightlifting.

It all started with our love of sports. There was a great desire to practice a different sport within us, which required the maximum of us and, in turn, was entertaining, not the typical sports we were used to seeing and practicing, following the same routines week after week.

That desire to discover a sport with these characteristics and after a time of searching and testing led us to find a video of the CrossFit Games, where Rich Froning, the best crossfitter of the moment, giving it all in one of the workouts that gave him He gave the victory in one of the many titles he has achieved as Fittest On Earth, (Man in the form of the Earth). It was seeing him and falling in love with CrossFit at first sight.

From that moment, we started looking for a nearby CrossFit box to try our first-class and get to know first hand this great sport of fitness.  We liked it so much that we became addicted to this sport from the first wod.

In our environment, all our friends were unaware of this sport, until we began to explain what CrossFit is and the benefits of practicing functional training without machines.

With the passage of time, with many hours of training demanding us to the maximum, we managed to improve our physical performance, remarkably achieving the best physical form we had. But we were not satisfied only with that, but we wanted to know why, searching for information, looking for studies, and taking courses to learn more about CrossFit and the body’s reaction to practicing it.

This desire to learn made us create this website. The idea was to create a community of athletes, where we can transmit all the knowledge that we are acquiring, contributing to the growth and improvement of all athletes, starting from the beginning, solving doubts that every beginner has at the start, testing materials CrossFit (shoes, clothes, equipment …), nutrition advice, training programs, exercises to improve the technique and above all to communicate with you and make the CrossFit community grow more and more every day.

We also want to teach you and show you that the exercises do not have to be done randomly if you want greater results. They are achieved with effort, technique, and with correct training planning.

You can follow us, see our photos, videos, and training on all our social networks @RxFitters

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