What Nike Yoga Mat Should You Choose?

Yoga is one of the most popular sports, which is a way to relax after a hard day at work or to actively start the morning. Many people say that yoga exercise allows you to connect the soul with the body and thus achieve harmony between them. No matter where you exercise, it can be a home, gym or even a garden – you will certainly need a mat. Not sure which will be the most convenient for you? Read our guide carefully before choosing. We’ve put some interesting tips on buying the right yoga mat in it .




All mats we describe are Nike products. This is a company known all over the world. Many consumers have opted for products of this brand, because the materials used for their production are solid and very rarely damaged. Nike is one of the most popular companies involved in the production of sports equipment, including yoga mats.

The best Nike yoga mats are made of soft but solid materials. One of them is rubber. The rubber mat does not slide on the floor, so you can be sure that changing positions will not be difficult. It is also worth mentioning that the rubber mat is very rarely worn. It is also biodegradable. There are also popular models made of PVC – a material that is very soft and holds well even slippery surfaces. If you have very delicate skin, we recommend choosing a mat on which microfiber has been applied.

Many people think that the best Nike yoga mat in 2020 is one that can be easily cleaned. Many models can simply be put in the washing machine. Others need a little more complicated and time-consuming care, such as wiping with a cloth soaked in water or a mild detergent. We do not recommend choosing mats that get dirty very quickly, because we will have to clean them after each use, which can be quite tiring.


Nike Fundamental 3MM

 Nike Fundamental 3MM is a product that will surely please you. This is a 3mm thick yoga mat. The presented product is made of foam. This material provides good cushioning, so we can exercise safely. On the other hand, the admixture of polyester means that the mat is not damaged even during frequent use. It is worth noting that keeping the model clean is not the most difficult tasks. Just wash it in the washing machine.

Product dimensions are 61 cm x 173 cm. It provides great grip, so you don’t slide on the floor during exercise. The mat is very soft, so doing yoga on it is pleasant. A belt has been attached to the model. It makes moving the mat very easy.

The material does not contain any toxic substances, so it is safe for our health. According to users, the mat retains its original shape for a long time, even during frequent use. Internet users also noticed that the model looks good.


Nike Fundamental Nye02533

 Nike Fundamental Nye02533 is a lightweight mat that you can take with you wherever you go. It is a very light and good-looking product. Its dimensions are 61 cm x 173 cm, and the color is purple. The mat provides us with very good grip. Therefore, even complicated positions will not be a challenge for us.

The presented model is made mostly of rubber, which means that the mat is resistant to damage and, most importantly, it is flexible. Thanks to the low proportion of polyester (5%), the model can be machine washed without fear of damage.

The special texture of the mat means that it stays in one place and does not slide on the floor during exercise. Users say that the product is solidly made, and they also praise its elegant appearance.


Nike Nye 02.647.OS

 We would like to present one of the most-chosen yoga mats Nike Nye 02.647.OS. The presented product has many advantages. One of them is very good adhesion to the ground. Therefore, the mat does not slide over the surface during exercise. Thanks to good grip, our hands and feet do not slip on the mat.

The model is made of foam, which means that it is very soft and the exercise on it is very pleasant. In turn, latex increases the adhesion of the mat. The intensely pink color looks very aesthetic, and the mat itself does not get dirty and does not require frequent cleaning. However, we can wash the product in the washing machine. Keeping it clean is not difficult.

The mat is very light, so moving it from place to place is not a problem. The thickness of the model is 3 mm, which allows us to exercise freely. Users often mention and praise the aesthetic appearance of the product and good workmanship, thanks to which this Nike yoga mat at a good price will serve us for a long time.


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