What Torsion Stepper To Buy?

We are aware of the fact that every consumer wants to buy a reliable product that is characterized by high quality and reliability. That is why we decided to prepare a torsion stepper list. We have included only models recommended by consumers. Fitkraft Swing came first. This equipment is an easy-to-use exercise device. It does not take up much space, so it will also be suitable for people who do not have a lot of free space, and want to take care of their condition. The design of the device is strong and stable, which is confirmed by consumer reviews. The stepper can be used by people whose weight does not exceed 120 kg. If this product did not meet your expectations and you want to know our other suggestions, read the entire article to the end. There you will find other interesting instruments that will help you get rid of extra kilos. The Body Sculpture BS 1650S model came second in the ranking . The weight of the product is 12 kg, so we can easily change its location.


The best torsion steppers in 2020

After reading our guide you already know what good quality equipment should have. To help you shopping even more, we’ve prepared a torsion stepper ranking. You will find models tested by consumers and appreciated by many users.


Rank #1: Fitkraft Swing

 Fitkraft Swing is a good and cheap swivel stepper, thanks to which you will maintain your condition at a high level. The device will also allow you to get rid of unnecessary kilograms, and if you are a slim person – will shape your body and make it much firmer.

The presented model works on two planes at the same time: up and down. Thanks to this, it gives satisfactory results in a short time. The set comes with training rubber. Her task is to support the work of the upper body during training. Thanks to it, you will strengthen your hands. It is worth adding that the device is equipped with a meter with an LCD display that will allow you to monitor your achievements and will be an additional motivation.

Consumers give positive feedback on this model. The advantage is that the pedals are non-slip, making your training completely safe. Users also emphasize that not only slim people, but also those who are overweight can use the device. The maximum user weight is 120 kg.


Rank #2: Body Sculpture BS 1650S

 Body Sculpture BS 1650S is a torsion stepper with a column. It helps to keep fit and improve the appearance of our body. Without leaving your home and buying an expensive gym membership, you can get breathtaking effects.

The presented device has a stable structure, thanks to which the exercises are safe, and you can take a comfortable position. The height of the handles can be adjusted. Thanks to this, everyone can adapt the device to their height. The pedals in this model are large and well-profiled. This significantly increases comfort during exercise. The device design also includes a clear display that displays basic information about training, including time or number of calories burned. The total product weight is 12 kg. We can therefore carry it ourselves.

Many consumers have appreciated the simple design of this model. Attention was also drawn to the stable construction and functional display providing the most important information about training. Users emphasize that regular exercise gives immediate results.


Rank #3: Hop-Sport HS 25S

 Hop-Sport HS 25S is a device that will allow you to improve the appearance of your figure and strengthen your muscles in a short time. Thanks to the exercises on this stepper, you will notice the first effects after just a few training sessions.

This is equipment intended for use at home. Its total weight is 13.5 kg, so it is a mobile proposal, which carrying is not a problem. The maximum user weight is 100 kg. This allows people with different body types to use the equipment. The presented model is a variant with links. So we can also train shoulders and triceps on it. The column makes it easier to maintain a stable posture, and the handles equipped with sponges are pleasant to touch and do not irritate our hands.

The network will find many favorable reviews about this device. Consumers believe that it is a functional gadget that brings quick results and allows you to take care of yourself at home. What’s more, its simple appearance appeals to most users.


Rank #4: HMS S3033

 Is a simple device able to properly take care of our condition? Many people may wonder whether it is necessary to visit the gym regularly to maintain an attractive figure. The HMS S3033 torsion stepper is a device that confirms that also exercising at home brings satisfying results.

It is a solidly made product that provides us with safety and a stable posture during exercise. It has the ability to adjust resistance by changing the height of the steps. We can therefore set the level of difficulty to suit your needs. It is worth adding that the pedals are covered with a non-slip surface. This ensures high comfort during exercise and safety. The maximum capacity of the device is 100 kg.

Opinions about this manufacturer’s torsion steppers are positive. People appreciate the relatively low price of the offered product and the fact that it is available. The advantage is also the simple design and the fact that the device does not take up much space, so it can also be used by people with small apartments.


Rank #5: Intersportline IN1794

 If you care about high-quality exercise equipment, you should take a closer look at Intersportline IN1794. This is a solidly made device that allows you to strengthen and firm your buttocks, as well as ensure good condition.

This model has a built-in counter. With its help you will find out how many calories you have burned and how long you have exercised on your device. This solution is effective motivation. The device also has links to help you train your arms and chest. Placed on the equipment, the steppy are made of a suitable material. Thanks to this, the feet do not slip during training, and we do not have to worry about twisting the ankle.

Consumers highly value the presented model. In their reviews, they emphasize that it is an affordable device that virtually anyone can use. It beautifully improves the appearance of the figure and strengthens muscles. Its low weight (9 kg) allows you to move the product yourself.


Shopping guide

Muscular thighs and calves are certainly the dream of most of us. Our legs are most exposed to the first signs of aging. Persistent cellulite and recurring stretch marks are the bane not only of women, but more often of men. To maintain the firmness of the body, we must systematically play sports that will effectively counteract these types of problems. One of the equipment often used to fight imperfections is the torsion stepper. This inconspicuous device has won the recognition of many consumers in a very short time. This fact was used by producers who began to improve their products in order to stand out from other brands.

Due to the ever-growing assortment, it is quite difficult to decide which torsion stepper to choose to help us quickly achieve the expected figure. Later in the article, we will explain what to suggest to make a purchase a good decision.


Type – which torsion stepper is the best?

Stepper is a device with which you can stimulate the muscles of not only your legs, but also your arms and back. Properly selected and positioned equipment will help you make individual movements without overstretching the body. This is important information for people who have back or joint pains.

We currently distinguish two types of equipment: ministepper and stepper with a bar. The first one is a small device with 2 pedals firmly bolted to a heavy base. It is often also equipped with two handles attached to the body with cables. The product is great for home use because it does not take up much space and we can easily hide it under the bed, for example. Despite the small design, work on this type of device is very effective and pleasant at the same time. Thanks to the fact that the strings are adjustable, the tool can be used by people of different height.

Steppers with a post are more extensive equipment designed for professionals. The massive body and rigid support make our body stably hold on the pedals. Of course, these types of models take up much more space than their smaller counterparts, but at the same time they are often judged to be more convenient to use, especially for people struggling with obesity.



In order for our physical effort to be not only effective but also pleasant, the device must be properly designed. Next to the contoured base or comfortable handles, the equipment should be equipped with a special mechanism that will stimulate the pedals. After the movement they have to return to their place so that, using the strength of the muscles, we can move them again.

To this end, manufacturers install two types of propulsion in their equipment: mechanical or electromagnetic. The work of the first of them is based on the movement of hydraulic cylinders. The user pressing the pedal causes the piston to shrink. Then, after transferring the body weight to the other side, the cylinder returns to its original size. The great advantage of this type of mechanism is quiet and smooth operation and not too complicated construction. Thanks to this, any repair does not come at a great cost, even if some parts need to be replaced.

The work of electromagnetic steppers is based on the fact that each pedal has a different magnetic charge. The load is usually adjusted using the buttons on the control panel. This type of equipment is included in the latest technology products. Thanks to full electronics, manufacturers can enrich it with a number of very useful functions. It allows, for example, exercises adapted to the standard or individual training plan or to control the results achieved.



As we have already mentioned, some models have been programmed to automatically impose a certain type of exercise on us. This is a great option for those who expect specific results. Because the best swivel stepper is one that will help us achieve our goals without wasting time on detailed training planning.

If you want exercises to improve your fitness in the main, choose a device equipped with pulse meters. Thanks to them you will be able to start a program whose main task is to maintain stable heart rate. If during the exercise the pulse drops, the stepper will switch to a more difficult level, which requires more physical effort. In this way, you will develop the ability to control fatigue and breathing. 

A good option in modern steppers is also the option of setting a specific time or number of turns that we want to make during one workout. In this case, we do not have to worry about counting or constantly looking at the watch, because the device will automatically turn off after a certain cycle.

Undoubtedly, one of the most useful functions that steppers are currently equipped with is the option of cardio training. We connect the body to the device using special cables. Then, the equipment measures our pulse taking into account the duration of the exercise, the number and frequency of turns, and many other factors. Thanks to the built-in memory, he saves all the results and writes the training plan for the next time. This is a great option for everyone who wants to improve not only their figure, but also to develop a good condition.



A very important factor that you must pay attention to is the maximum load on a given model. Most steppers are suitable for persons up to 130 kg. However, if you are struggling with the problem of excess weight and are looking for a more powerful device, look for equipment that can withstand a load of 180 kg up to 200 kg.


Place setting

As we have already mentioned, we will find smaller and larger types of steppers on the market. But remember to think carefully about where you want to place your device. In addition to the surface on which the equipment will be located, you also need a lot of space to perform exercises.

Some figures require, for example, to make turns with arms outstretched in front or sideways. This is necessary to stimulate all muscle groups. If the stepper stands in a narrow room, this type of exercise will be impossible.



A very important feature of steppers is what material the handles are made of. For home use, rubber grips coated with special foam are great. Thanks to them, during exercise you will not experience the unpleasant feeling of sweaty hands.

However, if you’re looking for a gym solution, it’s better to think about buying rubber or plastic grips without additional coverage. This type of handle is much easier to clean and sanitize. The sponge sticks our sweat, which is not very hygienic when using the equipment of many people.

Sometimes in gyms we will find special, disposable pads that can be attached to the handles. They limit the transmission of bacteria, which is very important for collective use devices.


Torsion steppers at good prices

The price of torsion steppers depends on many factors. First of all, it is affected by such features as: the number of functions, equipment brand and design. You can buy the simplest models for just under PLN 150. However, if you are looking for a professional solution, you need to prepare for an expense of 400 PLN.


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