Which Knee Clock Stabilizer Should You Choose?

Knee injuries are quite common not only among athletes. Unfortunately, the rehabilitation after them is relatively long. The recovery period can be slightly simplified by protecting the damaged joint with an orthosis, i.e. a stabilizer. In our guide, we will review various models of this type of stiffeners and try to indicate their most important features that are worth guiding when buying this type of product.


The name “orthosis” is short for “orthopedic prosthesis”. It is an orthopedic appliance that is designed to stabilize a damaged joint or limb. Recently, the orthosis is an alternative to plaster casts or is used after its removal. The stabilizer is not only more comfortable, it also has a much more attractive appearance.

Clock stabilizers differ from the other side rails, which by means of a movable joint immobilize or limit the extent of flexion and extension of the joint, usually every 15 or 30 degrees. This makes the product universal and can be used on both the right and left knees. The clock orthosis is very practical in use after injuries that require a gradual change in stabilization.

The best knee clock stabilizers are made of a material that allows the skin to breathe and does not cause discomfort caused by too high temperature under its surface. In addition, they have an additional pelottes on the front, which relieve the patellofemoral joint. It’s good that the popliteal bottom is open – this significantly increases the comfort of using a given model.

When choosing the best knee clock stabilizer in 2020, we paid attention to its adjustment levels and the possibility of individual adjustment. This can be done using tightening straps. This significantly increases the comfort of the injured knee by keeping the stabilizer in one place without fear that the camera will move unexpectedly.

The easiest way to put on an orthosis is also very important. It should be fastened with Velcro, which would also help in adjusting the appropriate clamp on the knee joint. The whole stabilizer should be very light and do not rub the skin. In this case, it is worth choosing the model that best suits our build and type of injury. Then convalescence will be reduced to a minimum, and even for us the time of using rehabilitation devices will become much more pleasant.


Mueller Self-Adjusting Knee Stabilizer

 If you are struggling with moderate or severe ACL instability, MCL and LCL instability, or if your orthopedist recommended preventative measures after ACL reconstruction, the Don Joy Full Force orthosis is the model for you.

The presented camera has a 4-point support system and a Fource Point clock, which helps to set the right angle of bend at 45, 60 and 90 degrees. Thanks to the aluminum frame, the weight of the stabilizer has been significantly reduced. The low profile of the orthosis also contributes to its comfortable use. Carbon fiber finishes significantly increase the durability of the device. The stabilizer is available in sizes from XS to XXXL, so you can easily choose the size best suited to your sick leg after measuring your thigh circumference.

People after injuries appreciate the convenience of using rehabilitation devices. The Don Joy model will work well for both ladies and gentlemen due to its low weight, large adjustment range and ease of putting on and individually adjusting the device.


MEDIZED Hinged Knee Brace

 The MEDIZED Hinged Knee Brace is made of lightweight aluminum, which significantly improves the patient’s comfort of use. The device provides protection during flexion and extension in the knee joint. This happens due to physiological clocks reflecting the anatomical movements of the bend, extension and joint slip.

The product is available in two versions – with a rigid frame and an innovative ATC (Active Thigh Cuff) solution, which is a system of crossed, 2-thigh thigh cuff. It provides protection, cushioning and comfort for the quadriceps muscle of the thigh. The back calf cuff reduces the pressure on the tibia. The stabilizer is available in sizes S – XXL. This allows the camera to fit the leg of both slim and slightly thicker or more muscular people.

Users of this orthosis value it for the ability to convert to a PCL version that can stabilize the posterior cruciate ligament or to a CL version that stabilizes the complex ligament instability.


Mueller Adjustable Knee Support

 The Mueller Adjustable Knee Support is a knee clock stabilizer at a good price designed for stiffening the knee joint. The clock adjusts the bending angle of the hinges from 0 to even 120 degrees, which makes it possible to gradually adjust the position of the joint.

The brace has semi-rigid thigh and calf bands that prevent the stabilizer from moving. The device has a wide range of adjustment to best suit the individual needs of the patient. The model is quite long – 51 cm, which ensures good stability of the whole leg.

People wearing the brace liked its universal size. After some types of injury, there is a fairly large swelling of the entire limb. Then a fairly large range of regulation turns out to be a very good solution. In addition, the price of the stabilizer is very attractive. Its height is over 51 cm, which according to consumers allows very good stabilization of the entire leg.


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