Which Nike Running Shoes Should You Choose?

Choosing the right shoes is a challenge for every runner. There are many factors to consider, such as the terrain on which we want to run or the intensity of training. The market offer of this type of product is very wide, and manufacturers are competing in a multitude of designs and colors. To facilitate your purchase we have prepared this guide that will tell you which footwear to choose. Finally, we’ve included a ranking in which you’ll find the three best Nike running shoes for men .


Nike is an American company that focuses on selling sports products. The wide range of this brand includes, above all, footwear characterized by innovative technologies such as AIR, FREE, or SHOX. It is a proven company, valued by athletes around the world. When choosing a product from this company, we can be sure that it will be of high quality.

To buy the right running shoes, you need to consider a number of criteria, the most important of which is the type of instep. There is a neutral, pronating and supinating foot. The neutral type is one in which body weight is distributed evenly throughout the entire foot. In the pronating foot, while running, the body weight is transferred primarily to the inner edge of the foot. However, in the case of supination feet, it is transferred to the outer edge. To find out what type of foot we have, the easiest solution will be to get information from specialists working in runner stores.

The size of the footwear is also important. You shouldn’t suggest the size in which we walk every day. The best Nike men’s running shoes in 2020 must be slightly larger so that the big toe has freedom of movement. The longer distances we want to cover, the more slack we should have in the shoe, because with each subsequent kilometer the foot becomes more swollen. A valuable tip is to buy shoes in the evening, when after a whole day the legs are slightly swollen. What’s more, we should always try on both shoes, because it may happen that your feet slightly differ in size. Measuring is also important because different footwear manufacturers may have different lengths of the same size.


Nike Air Zoom Vomero 11

 In our ranking we would like to present you the Nike Air Zoom Vomero 11 model. It is footwear providing excellent ventilation and perfect keeping the foot in place.

The upper of the shoes is made of Flymesh mesh, thanks to which the shoes fit very well in the front. The use of soft materials makes the footwear very flexible and comfortable. The tongue is made of foam that absorbs the upper part of the foot and helps reduce the pressure exerted by the laces.

The Nike Zoom Air cushioning is placed in the sole, thanks to which running becomes light and dynamic. Comfort is also provided by soft material in the upper part in the heel area. What’s more, our feet are perfectly cushioned thanks to Lunarlon foam, which is harder at the back of the foot and softer at the front. This solution makes the transition when the feet touch the ground very smooth.

People who decided to buy this model emphasize that it is extremely comfortable, soft and provides light and dynamic cushioning.


Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33

 Our combination would not be complete without the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33 model. These Nike running shoes for a good price hold the ground very well. The shoe upper is made in the Flywire System technology, which ensures a perfect fit thanks to the fibers surrounding the midfoot.

Thanks to the mesh elements, the user has a very good air flow. The material from which the footwear is made means that your feet do not sweat, even with intense runs. The shoes also provide safety during evening training thanks to reflective inserts.

The Nike Air Zoom system is used to make the soles of the shoes, which protects the user’s movement system by reducing vibration. It guarantees elasticity and speed of reflection from the ground. Lightweight Cushlon foam is placed on the entire length of the shoes, which guarantees protection against shocks and perfectly cushions the feet.

This solution makes the run more safe and comfortable, because the runner does not have to worry about injury. What’s more, the shoes have a built-in curvature in the toe area that allows for smooth transitions and dynamic knocks.

User feedback on this model is very positive. Customers value shoes for their comfort and attractive design.


Nike Flyknit Racer

 Our list also includes the Nike Flyknit Racer. These are starting and training shoes that will surely appeal to professional runners.

The shoe upper is one-piece and seamless, which ensures comfort during training. The top has a threaded structure that ensures optimal air flow. Built-in Flywire system allows very good fit to the foot thanks to flexible threads.

The insole is thin and very soft. It also has antibacterial properties and as a result the foot does not sweat.

The Nike Zoom system is used to make the soles, which ensures a low profile of the front of the shoes. The entire length also uses phylon foam, which provides good support while reducing the weight of the shoe. In addition, the sole holds very well to the ground. Customers value this product primarily for its good adhesion and breathable material structure.


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