Which Pregnant Exercise Ball Should You Choose?

More and more women are beginning to realize the importance of maintaining good health during pregnancy. Therefore, future mothers should exercise regularly. A special ball can help them. Due to the variety of such products, it is sometimes difficult to find the right model. We encourage you to read our guide. We’ve included some tips to help you buy, as well as a ranking of 3 good pregnant exercise balls .




Ladies expecting a child often complain of troublesome back pain and swelling of the legs. Although these conditions often cannot be completely avoided, there are effective ways to alleviate them. One of them is training with a rubber ball. Thanks to it, you can strengthen the muscles supporting the spine and improve blood circulation.

The best pregnancy exercise ball in 2020 must have the right diameter. Contrary to appearances, choosing the right product is not very difficult. It is important to consider your height. For relatively low ladies (up to 165 cm), models with a diameter of 55 cm work best. Wider balls (measuring 65 cm and 75 cm) are dedicated to slightly taller users (up to approx. 190 cm tall).

For a selected product to be durable it should be made of good quality materials (preferably thick rubber). You can be sure that the ball will not be destroyed too quickly, which allows you to use it even after having a baby. It is believed that pregnant ladies should not reach for models with spikes and insets. Although such elements massage the body well, they can hinder comfortable sitting. Therefore, a better choice is a ball with a smooth surface (preferably with a non-slip coating). It can successfully replace an armchair or chair, because it forces the so-called active seat. To maintain balance, the expectant mother must balance her body slightly. This contributes to the continuous work of the muscles and thereby their strengthening. That is why annoying pain becomes less noticeable.

There is a perception that the best balls for exercise during pregnancy are puncture resistant and additionally have a high maximum load (even over 200 kg). So there is no risk that such products will break unexpectedly (which could be very dangerous for women expecting a child).


Body Sculpture BB 001

 Body Sculpture BB 001 is a ball with a diameter of 65 cm. As the manufacturer assures, the product is suitable for women from 165 cm to 182 cm tall. It has a non-slip surface, as a result of which it stably adheres to the ground and prevents slipping. The above model was made of durable rubber and is resistant to puncture.

The ball is designed for: corrective, rehabilitation, equivalent exercises, and even for fitness, yoga and pilates. Therefore, it follows that the product has many applications. Its maximum load is 250 kg. Therefore, do not be afraid that the described model will break under heavy loads.

After reviewing consumer reviews, it can be concluded that Body Sculpture BB 001 is not only durable, but also extremely light. Therefore, the expectant mother should not have a problem with its transfer and use.


Axer Anti-Burst 55 cm

 The Axer Anti-Burst 55 cm model is made of PVC. Because this material has been deprived of phthalates, you should not be afraid that the ball will adversely affect the health of the wearer. The maximum product load is 200 kg. The non-slip surface guarantees high comfort of use and ease of performing individual exercises.

The presented ball is designed for women with short height (up to approx. 165 cm). It was produced using Anti-burst technology. This means that the product will certainly not crack, even if the top layer is damaged. The above model is ideal not only for future mothers, but also for people undergoing rehabilitation.

Consumers ensure that this is a pregnant exercise ball at a good price. Due to the material it is completely safe to use. This means that with the help of the product you can also practice with your child. The lack of massage tabs on the surface of the described model means that you can sit freely on it (instead of an ordinary chair).


Bosu Ballast

 We would like to present the Bosu Ballast ball, which is distinguished by a special construction. Inside it there are small balls with a total weight of 2.5 kg. They perform the function of ballast and thus prevent product movement. Therefore, the above model will definitely work for women in the 2nd and 3rd trimester of pregnancy, when physical activity begins to cause more and more difficulties.

The diameter of the ball is 65 cm. The product was made of translucent and extremely durable material. The load inside creates dynamic resistance during exercise. This makes it possible to train balance and coordination.

Many consumers praise the Bosu brand for guaranteeing safety during training. Since the ball does not slide on the floor, the risk of unexpected falling is minimized. In addition, the product looks aesthetically and is resistant to puncture.


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