Which Running GPS Watch Should You Choose?

A good way to improve your fitness and lose weight is to start running. We can choose the routes ourselves, thereby discovering new places. Unfortunately, it’s easy to get lost then, so it’s good to have a GPS device with you. However, having separate navigation equipment can be quite bulky. For this reason, we encourage you to invest in a watch that has a tracking function – thanks to it you will always know where you are. Below we present a short guide that will help you find the right model.


First, pay attention to the durability of the equipment that interests you. The best GPS running watch in 2020 is resistant to spills, sweat, shock and dust. Thanks to this, the device will not be damaged during sports. One of the most important elements of the watch’s design is the slide which protects the internal mechanism during such activities as team games. Before buying, check the durability of the device. Water resistance is also an important feature. Sometimes, during the run, rain will catch us or we accidentally drink a drink. Only a good, waterproof watch will not be damaged.

When choosing a product with GPS it’s worth considering other additional functions. A large proportion of consumers choose pedometer equipment. During the day, the watch counts exactly how many steps we have taken – thanks to this we know if we are active enough. Modern models have the option of programming specific goals (such as 6,000, 10,000 or 12,000 steps per day), which motivates to more frequent training. A popular accessory is the heart rate monitor and calorie counter.

Almost all the best GPS running watches are made of materials that allow free air flow. Thanks to this, the hand does not sweat, which has a very positive effect on comfort. Low-quality material can rub against the skin, causing injury or an allergic reaction. When buying, avoid heavy equipment and equipment made of silver. This is a very elegant material that does not match the sporty style. In addition, because of its weight, it seriously puts pressure on the wrist, which restricts hand movements during running.


Polar M400 HR

 The Polar M400 HR model is a good quality GPS running watch at a good price. What makes the product stand out is its design. The device is very stylish and will look good in combination with sport and formal style. Equipment around the clock measures your activity accurately, giving you greater control over your training and body.

The watch has many different functions that will definitely appeal to physically active people. During the run, calories and heart rate are measured. The built-in system analyzes the efficiency of the run, which allows you to make beneficial changes. After training, you can compare your results with those of the past. Thanks to this, you will learn how much your progress is. After purchasing a watch, you can configure it with a profile on the Polar Flow portal, which allows you to track results much better.

The presented product is very popular both for people who are just starting their adventure with running, as well as professional athletes. Consumers praised the watch for its simple operation, attractive price and elegant style.


Garmin Fenix 3 010-01338-01

 Especially for physically active people, the modern Garmin Fenix 3 sports watch was created 010-01338-01. It is a very durable model that can be used even in extreme situations. The equipment casing is resistant to spills, sweat, dust and shocks, so nothing will distract you during training.

The device can be used not only by runners, but almost all representatives of other disciplines. The watch accurately measures around the clock every physical activity taken during the day, regardless of whether you are running a marathon or walking with a dog. The intelligent system performs a thorough analysis of your pulse, distance traveled and calories burned. The collected information is sent to an internet platform to which the user has access. You can compile your results yourself, and the system will prepare a list of suggestions to help you improve your results. The watch itself is not only attractive, but also comfortable.

What many consumers like is the high-quality workmanship. The watch does not rub against the wrist, which could cause discomfort. The product is comfortable and light, which does not interfere with everyday activities.


Tomtom Runner 3 Cardio L.

 For people who value elegant and modern gadgets, we recommend Tomtom Runner 3 Cardio L. It is a sports watch with a built-in GPS function that analyzes the location around the clock. Thanks to this, calculating the distance traveled is very convenient, and we do not have to worry about getting lost while running.

The device is dedicated to all athletes, regardless of the sport they practice. You can monitor your activity during running, cycling, gym training, and swimming. During training, the equipment measures the distance traveled, steps taken, pulse and calories burned. At the end of the day, the user can view their results, which will allow them to improve. The watch itself is made of good quality materials that do not sensitize the consumer and do not irritate his wrist. The model is waterproof, so you can use it also in the pool. In addition, the product is not susceptible to shocks or pollen, so it works even in extreme conditions.

Elegant design and attractive price are two advantages of the product mentioned by consumers. Many athletes are satisfied with the purchase of this watch because it allows them to collect reliable data on their physical activity.


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