Which Watch With GPS And Heart Rate Monitor Should You Choose?

Watches with GPS and heart rate monitor are modern devices designed to monitor our activity and the body itself, regardless of our current location. Thanks to the satellite and the measuring mechanisms placed inside it is possible to obtain information on the reactions taking place in our body, especially those related to the effort. If you are thinking about buying this type of device and you do not know what is important, read our purchasing guide.


The best watches with GPS’em and heart rate monitor will work even in extreme conditions associated with high physical exertion. They differ from popular fitness watches in that they have more measuring functions. The results are also reported with greater precision and accuracy. It is worth mentioning here the motivational function of this type of device – giving the result of calories burned after training we have a sense of work well done. All activity indicators are also designed to help us determine the optimal way to exercise to achieve our goals. In addition, the device allows us to obtain important information about the functioning of our body, which can sometimes be useful in the diagnosis and treatment of various types of diseases. GPS, however, helps in measuring the number of kilometers traveled and shows our location.

Many athletes emphasize that the best GPS watch with a heart rate monitor in 2020 has a lot of additional functions, which makes it a fashionable gadget. It’s good if we can check who tried to connect to us without using the phone – this is possible thanks to synchronizing the watch with our smartphone. The function of summarizing our activity is also useful – thanks to it we will be able to check how to slightly increase the efficiency of the body. This will help us to determine the training plan best suited to us. The watch should be comfortable to wear and have a strong battery. For swimming enthusiasts, manufacturers have also provided for the possibility of water resistance of the equipment.

Other useful additions to GPS watches with a heart rate monitor are: Bluetooth connection, post-workout feedback, data fields and sleep monitoring. The device is simply created for people who want to live a healthy life and increase awareness of their own body reactions, as well as ensure their gradual improvement.


Polar M400

 Polar M400 is a device thanks to which we can make 24-hour, comprehensive measurements of our activity, share location and count kilometers traveled.

This GPS watch and heart rate monitor also has advanced Smart Coaching features at a good price. Thanks to them we can perform a fitness test that will help us monitor our current progress. The device will calculate our parameters in a few minutes. Another practical feature helps determine your running efficiency. A very useful calorie counter is also useful for people leading a healthy lifestyle to determine their number burned during training based on our age, sex, weight and height. GPS, in turn, will help us calculate the distance traveled. The water resistance of the watch at 30m / 3ATM protects the mechanism against water (resistant to sporadic splashes).

Users value this practical gadget mainly for the indicator of general activity during the day, which allows it to be compared with global recommendations. We can also adjust the intensity and frequency of exercise to our lifestyle.


Suunto Ambit 3 Peak

 The Suunto Ambit 3 Peak model allows you to share your whereabouts and has features especially useful for people who practice triathlon, including changing to a sport mode with a single button.

The watch will also appeal to swimmers – it is waterproof, and the timer informs, e.g., about the distance traveled and the number of swimming pools swam. During this time the device will also measure our heart rate. Its water resistance reaches a depth of 100 meters.

The option of checking calls and text messages is especially liked by buyers who do not like to be distracted during training. By connecting the watch with a smartphone, we can also change settings and customize sport modes using the SuuntoMovescount app.

Buyers are happy to report their activity straight to Movescount.com. Some settings can also be changed in offline mode – e.g. device language, sounds and time format. It is also worth mentioning the advantages of the watch’s appearance – thanks to its shape it looks very nice on the wrist, both slim and slightly wider. GPS in the opinion of users is very accurate and allows you to accurately determine the kilometers traveled.


Garmin Forerunner 235

 If you’re looking for an elegant yet functional watch, the Garmin Forerunner 235 was created for you. It measures many parameters – including the pace at which we move and our heart rate.

A useful feature is monitoring your sleep and activity throughout the day. This allows you to examine your performance and rational training planning. For runners, a wrist-based heart rate sensor that allows running without a chest strap will be useful.

The big advantage of the device is its design. Attractive external appearance is not everything in this case – colored indicators allow you to quickly read the information we are interested in.

Many people value the device’s ability to personalize it. It is possible to set training options tailored to individual needs. You can also download widgets and applications dedicated to this model from the Connect IQ store.

An important element of the watch is also a built-in accelerometer recording distance and pace during the run. Garmin Forerunner 235 is the perfect gift for a person who is passionate about physical activity. Thanks to the GPS module, it is possible to monitor the distances traveled, which is especially appreciated by users who keep precise records of daily activities.


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