Why rowing is so good for your health

Aside from the sheer joy of having fun, rowing has numerous health benefits. Achieving goals certainly contributes to mental health, whereas the cardiovascular aspect improves physical fitness. Aside from these obvious strengths of rowing, there are other points that should convince you to give rowing a try.

So here are our 10 best reasons how rowing is good for health and why you should start exercising.



High muscle activity



As a strength endurance sport, rowing trains a large part of all muscles in the body and thus differs significantly from running or cycling. Rowing trains the upper body as well as the lower body. Important muscle groups such as the legs, torso, back, buttocks, and arms are involved in the movement.

As a strength endurance sport, it also trains the two most important aspects of physical fitness: namely strength and endurance. So you are getting the best of both worlds.



Stress reduction through rowing


Rowing is a great thing to do if you want to relieve stress. Intense exercise has been shown to be one of the most effective ways to reduce stress levels.

If you own a WaterRower or can row on the open water, you will also experience the calming effect of the rippling water.



Longevity and joint protection

The range of motion when rowing is immense. Above all, the hips as the fulcrum are really loosened by the rigid muscles surrounding them. The back and legs are also strongly stretched, so that the mobility of the entire body increases over time.

The stretching may be uncomfortable at first, but rowing has a positive effect on health, especially with such stiff people, as the body becomes much more supple.



Back strengthening

Back pain is the widespread disease of the office generation. A little exercise can help alleviate the pain. As long as there are no structural disorders of the back, you shouldn’t have any problems with rowing if you slowly approach the limits of what is possible for you.

Nevertheless, you should always consult a doctor if you have back pain, who will hopefully give you the go or even a rejection of rowing training




With a rowing machine, rowing becomes an all-weather sport that can be performed at any time of the year. As soon as the weather gets worse and temperatures get colder, you can easily switch to your own rowing machine or one in a gym.



Promotion of team spirit


Some non-rowers may think that rowing is quite lonely. Of course that is not true. You can dive into your own world, but you can just as easily row in the same boat with other rowers.

Whether this takes place on the water or on several rowing machines next to each other is irrelevant.



Simple technique

To the layman, the rowing technique looks complicated. Unfortunately, too often wrong techniques are seen in most commercial gyms.

The technique is basically not difficult to learn. If you stick to a few basic principles, you will almost inevitably find the technique that works for you and that will improve your health rather than harm it.



Variable difficulty


The best rowing machines mimic the variable resistance of water. The harder you row, the greater the resistance. This type of resistance is just as noticeable within a single row as it is during the entire duration of the workout.

So you can easily measure your strength and keep to the intended number of strokes. If you want to row for your health, this type of resistance is best for staying within your individual performance limits.


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