Wristbands For Crossfit

Currently, CrossFit has become one of the most influential sports practices of the moment. In our training and WODs, we involve the whole body, from the upper to the lower extremities. In our bags, we can find all kinds of accessories: CrossFit shoes, street shoes, weightlifting shoes, rope, knee pads, and CrossFit wristbands.

The CrossFit wristbands are simply strips of different thicknesses made of a resistant material that cover the wrists and give support when loading and supporting weights. They can also favor performance in exercises that require holding weights for a long time.

Why wear wristbands in CrossFit?

The wristbands are one of those items that you can not stop having if you plan to get fully into this discipline since exercises are performed with very fast movements. That entails great efforts at the time of executing the routine. Not everyone indeed uses them, but in specific moments they are good companions.

One of the body parts that suffer the most when training with large loads is undoubtedly the wrists, since always part of the loaded weight falls on them to a greater or lesser extent. This constant implication causes them to bother and sometimes hurts if the necessary provisions are not taken. That is why it is important to protect them and use CrossFit wristbands to avoid injuries.

To avoid injuring the tendons and joints that make up the wrist, it is advisable to wear wrist bands. They will help you avoid excessive tensions that may later bring risks to your health.

Should we always wear wristbands when training?

Without a doubt, in my personal experience, comfort when executing typical movements of our WODs with wristbands is a plus. But beware! Its use is important when performing this sport does not mean that you should always use them. It is important to develop the strength in the grip so that the muscles of this joint are strengthened enough to avoid injuring you when training heavyweights.

Developing strength in the grip is essential because, in this way, you can do the heavy lifting, more repetitions, and of course, you will gain more resistance over time. As you increase the intensity of the exercises, you can start using CrossFit wristbands, as they will help you maintain stability in the joint and avoid muscle fatigue.

Now, you must know that you will not be able to use CrossFit wristbands for the first time or in all workouts. Experts advise to use them only when you are going to perform routines with large weights, so you will avoid getting injured. If you always use them, you will not be able to acquire the strength you need as you will limit the strength of the flexors and extenders of the joint.

How to use them?

Wearing wristbands in CrossFit is nothing of the other world; you just have to place them in your hands and raise them and adjust them well on the wrists. You should always be aware of placing them right in the joint and not in the forearm area because leaving it in this place, you will not get anything, you will not protect your wrists, and the risk of injury is not reduced. Wristbands should never be loose, or unadjusted because you won’t get the desired effect either. Always look for ones that adapt to your requirements.

Types of CrossFit wristbands

In the sports market, there are endless options to choose from when it comes to CrossFit wristbands. In physical stores and online, you will get a large stock of wristbands that adapt to your needs.

You can choose between cloth wristbands and elastic wristbands. Depending on the exercise or requirements of each person, one will be better than another.

Cloth wristbands

They are made of a thick fabric that will give you maximum safety when carrying weight accompanied by all the comfort you need when executing your routine. This will be adjusted according to the weight of what you are going to lift and will give you the stability you need. They need more care in the adjustment since the material is not elastic, and they have less compression capacity.

Elastic wristbands

On the other hand, they are made of a very resistant expandable fabric, giving the doll total protection when carrying weight. These have breathable technology and can be adjusted through a velcro closure for greater security and stability when executing a routine in the box.

Buy Crossfit wristbands

Here we bring you a selection of the best CrossFit wristbands we have tested about the market value.

Earwaves Wristbands

It is a very affordable and good quality option. They are very resistant and elastic polyester. It is an adjustable model valid for all wrist widths, and also, with a velcro that seems immortal. We have tried them in the first person, and the truth is that they are a very good product. The feeling of robustness and not breaking is a fact.

Like most wristbands of this type, they have a rubber band attached to the thumbs, which keeps them in place. Also, we can easily adjust them by varying exercises by its closing system, very comfortable. They have several designs, and those of military print is aesthetically very beautiful.


  • They are long, and we can adjust them to taste
  • Very resistant materials
  • High quality
  • Thumb grip
  • There is a good quality-price relation


  • Let them bring more designs!

Ipow wristbands

A very affordable and good quality option. They are of polyester of high elasticity and quite adjustable. Its length is 47 centimeters, and depending on the turns we give them, we will adjust them more or less depending on tastes or needs.

A detail that I like is that they anchor at the thumb. Thanks to this, we prevent them from moving towards the forearm and lose grip. To wear them, we just have to put on the thumb gum and roll them with the pressure and turns we need.


  • They are long, and we can adjust them to taste
  • The material is compressive.
  • Thumb grip
  • The price is very affordable


  • We only find them in one color
  • We must wash them frequently because they catch odors

RDX Wristbands

These are semi-elastic wristbands made from polyester and cotton. They also have a thumb grip to perform our movements comfortably without fear of displacement. They are not very long if we see them extended without winding, but we can adjust them with the pressure we want. The closure is velcro, and they also have a velcro area along the strips in addition to the closure itself. It is a fairly used model, and like the previous ones, we can find them at a good price. The grip is strong, and the material thickness. On the other hand, the ratings we find on the internet are quite good.


  • Adjustable and with good compression.
  • Being partly cotton, the feeling to the touch is pleasant.
  • Anchorage to the thumbs.
  • They are cheap.
  • We can find them in various designs.


  • Velcro wears out over time
  • Over time the wear causes them to break
  • They are somewhat spectacular compared to other models

Picsil Wristbands

Picsil has become a brand that makes CrossFit-oriented products and functional training with many guarantees. We already know and have used their streets, and the results are always really good at a very affordable price. After-sales service is always good. Technically the materials are of quality. The length is correct and the velcro to adjust is very thick, so that it does not have as much danger as other models of losing grip properties with frequent use. The grip is really good.


  • Picsil is a guaranteed brand in CrossFit accessories.
  • They are very comfortable.
  • The grip is good.
  • Good materials and sewing.
  • Cheap for just 10 euros.


  • Single design in red/black
  • They lose some color over time

Sportvitae wristbands

Without being a well-known brand, I have tried them in my meats, and the results are not bad at all. The material is of quality and quite resistant, polyester, and cotton blend. They are not as elastic as others, but this is not necessarily a point against, in the end, it is a matter of tastes and preferences. The double seams reinforce the contours, withstand the pressure well, and the fact that the triangular tip is reinforced. The adjustment is simple and will like those who prefer wristbands that exert pressure when winding since they measure 45 centimeters long each.


  • Very good seams and reinforcements.
  • Its durability.
  • Attractive design and bring a bag to carry them.
  • The rubber of the thumb is quite wide.
  • Great elasticity


  • Some people may be disturbed by the width of the rubber of the thumbs.

Reebok Crossfit Wristbands

The official Reebok Crossfit wristbands. Being the queen brand in this sport is synonymous with quality, and in this sense, they do not disappoint. They are robust, very good materials, and the seams are very reinforced in all their extensions. Not to mention that the design is really beautiful and with very bright colors. For those who like to wear the word CrossFit tattooed on the chest, carrying the word CrossFit sewn is a plus. They fit well to the wrist.


  • Reinforced and high-quality materials.
  • Film durability
  • Very beautiful design and vivid colors.
  • Very resistant


  • Their price, which is Reebok makes them cost more than double than other models.

Conclusions on the use of wristbands in CrossFit

Undoubtedly, CrossFit wristbands are an indispensable tool when training, because they will give you all the security you need to train and avoid getting injured while practicing this interesting discipline. But as we have said, they are not an accessory that we should use as a rule since they can reduce the adaptation and correct evolution of our physiology. Use them selectively when you need to increase our performance or reduce the risk of injury, or obviously, if you’ve already touched.

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