XTERRA Fitness ERG200 Folding Magnetic Resistance Rower [2021 Edition]

Ergometer from 30 to 300 watts, 16 resistance levels, 10-function console, 43 programs, aluminum beam, fan and foldable.

The Training Rower is designed for extremely intensive workouts at home!

XTERRA Fitness ERG200 Folding Magnetic Resistance Rower  REVIEW

The Training Rower has power, comfort and fluidity for an unbeatable quality / price ratio!
Ultra resistant structure and irreproachable quality, the latest HEUBOZEN rower is designed for intensive training even extreme at home!

Equipped with 43 programs for endless motivation!



Air + magnetic



Type of movement

Central draw

Max user weight

130 kg

Of programs


Console (no. Of windows)




Folded dimension (LxWxH cm)

133.6 x 43.3 x 165.6 cm


243 cm


43 cm


104 cm


36 kg

Carton dimensions

145 x 75 x 28 (L x W x H)


DESCRIPTION OF THE XTERRA Fitness ERG200 Folding Magnetic Resistance Rower


  • Product assembled and tested
  • Reconditioned product delivered on a pallet


  • No assembly required
  • Immediate use of your equipment
  • Limited after-sales risk, assembly carried out by professionals
  • Saving of assembly costs at home

    The magnetic resistance system and air brings you the fluidity, comfort and precision of the magnetic resistance system coupled with the high resistance of an air rower!
    Controlled by the console from 30 to 300 watts and 16 resistance levels you are surprised by the precision of this exceptional resistance!
    Belt controlled system.

    NEW CONSOLE : 146 x 71.5 mm two-color LCD console, blue button illumination, adjustable in height to best adapt to the user for good visibility during training!

    The console permanently displays these 10 functions :
     DISTANCE traveled
    CALORIES consumed
    – The training TIME
    – The total number of ROWING STROKES
    – The RESISTANCE level display (1 to 16)
    – The RPM : rowing strokes per minute
    – The AVERAGE DURATION over 500 meters
    – WATTS display : Power developed with each stroke of the oar.
    – USER display : U1, U2, U3, U4 or U5
    – HEART RATE in BPM (Beats Per Minute)

    – 1 Program. MANUAL: The manual program is a simple program that has a flat profile that can be set to 16 resistance levels as you wish.
    – 2 Programs. PRESET PROFILES : The computer automatically adjusts resistance levels according to the profile of the program you select. During training, you can adjust the resistance levels if the resistance is too low or too high.
    – 1 Program. GAME : It allows you to row alongside a boat at a certain speed to help you pace your training. Or for a more vigorous workout, you can race the boat.
    – 2 Programs. INTERVALS: There are 2 “interval” programs: distance and duration. These are excellent training programs for a short, intense workout followed by a short rest to recover, then start again. Select your work interval then your rest time.
    – 30 Programs. USER PROFILE : There are four USER PROFILE programs. The user profile programs are customized by the user. The computer can keep a user profile program and there are 4 possible users.
    – 1 Program. WATTS CONTROL : The Watts program is intended to keep your Wattage at the constant level you have selected.
    – 4 Programs. HEART RATE CONTROL (HRC) : There are 3 HRC programs: 60%, 75%, 85%. They are meant to keep your heart rate at a constant level. Every 20 seconds, the computer checks the selected heart rate against your pulse and adjusts the resistance level accordingly.
     1 Program. RECOVERY is a cool-down program that automatically assesses your fitness level with a fitness score of 1 to 6:
    F1.0-1.9: Super fit
    F2.0-2.9: Very fit
    F3.0 -3.9: fit
    F4.0-4.9: Normal
    F5.0-5.9: Not really shaped
    F6.0: Not at all like
    – 1 Program. FITNESS TEST


– TRANSPORT WHEELS for easier movement and storage at the end of the session.
– REVOLVING STRAPS on the feet for better support.
– Height ADJUSTABLE PEDAL locations to suit each user.
– You can fold up and store your rower after training and thus SAVE MORE THAN 50% OF FLOOR SPACE in a very short time!
– XXL ALUMINUM BEAM that can accommodate athletes over 2 m!
– HIGH COMFORT SEAT mounted on ball bearings for EXCEPTIONALF LUIDITY !
– Extra-wide support legs for MAXIMUM STABILITY .
– High quality NYLON TRACTION STRAP , impossible to break!
– Mains connection with standard adapter

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