XTERRA Fitness ERG650W Water Rower [2021 Edition]

The ERG650W Rower from XTERRA Fitness is designed to help you get the most out of your workout. We set out to make rowing one of the most effective full-body workouts available, and we set out to make it enjoyable and accessible to everybody. A water tank and a long-lasting, multi-bladed impeller are at its heart, designed to give you the most effective workout possible. The water tank creates a more realistic rowing experience as well as a calming sound.

We took that concept a step further by angling our tank at a 45-degree angle to improve the resistance range. The heavy-duty dual aluminum coated rails are designed to give a quiet, smooth, and effective workout while enduring years of use.

The ERG650W comes with 15 built-in programs to keep you motivated and on track with your workouts. With the help of built-in transportation wheels, the rower effortlessly stands up and packs away when you’re done.

XTERRA Fitness ERG650W Water Rower REVIEW

Its dual motorized magnetic resistance and air brings you comfort of use and flexibility during your workouts.


The XTERRA ERG650W water resistance rower is a nice-looking equipment, which it needs to be in order to compete in this fast-growing industry. Every business seems to be rushing to release a water rowing machine in the $500 – $1,000 price range. However, we believe XTERRA may have called this one correctly and will keep the rivals on their toes.

If you’re confident in your DIY abilities, the ERG650W shouldn’t be too difficult to complete. However, if you are unsure about your ability to hang a picture on the wall, it is definitely advisable to get the help of a friend.

So, how does it look once you’ve put it all together? In our opinion, it’s pretty decent. As you increase the strokes per minute, the twin aluminum-coated rails on a strong steel frame feel reassuringly solid.

The seat is really comfy, and it glides up and down the angled rails easily and silently. The seat is also 15″ off the ground, giving it the appearance of a professional machine while also making it simple to get on and off. The large footrests and thick bands keep your feet firmly in position. Finally, the handle is well-padded, has a suitable diameter, and fits well in the hands.
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The resistance is given by a water tank, which should come as no surprise. The blades in the tank spin in the water when you pull on the hand, giving a satisfying whoosh. One disadvantage is that in order to modify the resistance level, you must add or remove water. This is a rather simple technique, but if you want to change the level, you must clearly stop rowing and get off. When you increase the stroke rate, though, the resistance increases significantly. The water tank (as well as the rail) are slanted to provide more resistance.

If you want an adjustable water resistance rower, First Degree’s AR line has a number of models with a lever to control the resistance level – see our ‘Also Worth a Look’ section below for the alternatives.

The ERG650W is a large, hefty machine that sits on adjustable support for a solid workout experience. We were particularly impressed by the build quality – and it’s worth noting that XTERRA provides a lifetime warranty on the frame, indicating that they believe it will survive. When it comes to the warranty, it’s fairly adequate for the price. The parts are guaranteed for two years, including labor for one year, in addition to the frame’s lifetime warranty.

It also has transport wheels on the front, so you can tip it up and push it out of the way when you’re done. It stores vertically (see photo below) and has a compact footprint, making it ideal for usage in small spaces.
The Display/Console
The monitor is a huge LCD screen with a smartphone or tablet holder. It shows all of the standard workout metrics, such as distance, stroke rate, and time. The fact that it comes with 15 programs is a huge plus. These are wonderful since they allow you to diversify your workout – nothing is worse than doing the same thing every day.

Target workouts are included in the programs, and you can choose your goal for distance, time, or calories burned. The option to set your aim and then race against the computer is the best of the bunch – nothing like bringing out the competitive edge to keep you trained, eh?

However, because the computer is not compatible with a heart rate monitor, no heart training programs are available. But, in its defense (not many in this price range do), it does display watts, so you can conduct Tabata wattage training, which is a terrific method to get in shape. You can also create four bespoke programs to match your skill level. Overall, a really good monitor that is very simple to operate.
When compared to so many other water rowing machines in this price bracket, the XTERRA ERG650W is an amazing equipment. But it does it admirably and distinguishes out for its high build quality and useful features, such as the 15-programmable monitor.



Air + Magnetic Motorized



Type of movement

Central draw

Max user weight

130 kg



Folded dimension (LxWxH cm)

118.5 x 56.5 x 192.5 cm


223 cm




102 cm


45 kg

Carton dimensions

1.425 x 0.245 x 0.76 (L x W x H)



• Product assembled and tested
• Reconditioned product delivered on a pallet Advantages


• No assembly required
• Immediate use of your equipment
• Limited after-sales service risk assembly carried out by professionals
• Saving of assembly costs at home



Double resistances: motorized magnetic and air! The forced air cooling which keeps the magnets as close as possible to the ambient temperature, eliminates any loss of power. The double resistance provides FLEXIBILITY and COMFORT of use. A system that avoids any friction, limiting wear, and making the device EXTREMELY QUIET.

CONSOLE : Tilting backlit LCD console for better visibility of information.

The console permanently displays these 10 functions :
– The DISTANCE traveled,
– The CALORIES consumed,
– The training TIME ,
– The total number of STROKES ,
– The RESISTANCE level display (1 to 16),
– The RPM : strokes of the oar per minute,
– The AVERAGE DURATION over 500 meters,
– Display of WATTS : Power developed at each stroke of the oar,
– TheHEART RATE in BPM (Beats Per Minute if chest strap).


• 12 pre-defined programs,
• 4 HRC programs (55%, 75%, 90% and target value),
• 1 competition mode program (RACE),
• 1 user program,

• 1 RECOVERY test , is a cool-down program that automatically assesses your fitness level with a fitness score of 1 to 6:
F1 = Excellent,
F2 = Good,
F3 = Average,
F4 = Lower average,
F5 = Poor,
F6 = Insufficient.


Possibility of obtaining his heartbeat thanks to the optional T31C chest belt.


• Transport wheels for easier movement and storage at the end of the session.
• Foldable to save space,
• Fluid, secure and patented folding system with pedal to unlock the security system,
• Transport handle for easy movement,
• Comfortable seat for a pleasant sitting,
• Rigid structure with rail in aluminum,
• Adjustable support straps on the footrests,
• Two level compensators at the rear which allow stabilization on uneven floors.

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